review: EXO’s overdose mini album

rsz_exo_overdose__fan_album_cover__by_zoikiku96-d7e0w7sbetter late than never! ajumma fan is back in action with a 3 months late review for Exo’s overdose mini album.

1. Overdose [10/10]

someone call the doctor! i’m totally addicted to this song. i have no idea how to describe this song, it’s pretty generic but has all the elements that fits the bill of a k-pop album title song; dope beats, perfectly synced dances and 12 perfect faces… i won’t say it’s perfection but it’s good enough to give you a guaranteed overdose. 

2. Moonlight [10/10]

thoughts on first listen: boring. thoughts on second listen: underwhelming. thoughts on third listen: fucking boring… seriously i don’t even know when did i start putting this song on replay because i initially kept skipping it! from the title it’s pretty obvious this is a ballad, but this is not your usual korean ballad. by that i mean, the typical k-will/ sg wannabe kind of sad song with a coming of age MV where the leads were childhood friend but parted due to god knows why…. this song has a very western feel to it, and one thing i like most about this song are the guitar riffs, especially the solo towards the end of the song, just injects so much more emotion into the song!

and i have to say, the exo-K version is so so so much more better than the exo-M’s version. as much as i like exo-M too i have to say that luhan’s vocals fall flat compared to D.O’s. as for chen, no doubt he is a really good singer but his obvious korean accent in many phrases turns me off, especially in this song. the baek & D.O version is perfect, so much feeling i died a million times! 

3. Thunder [7/10]

another popular song from the album, didn’t appeal to me at the beginning (well i’ve only liked overdose then) but gradually grew on me too, just like moonlight. however this song is much easier to like compared to moonlight i guess. it has a baseline similar to that of “growl”‘s; just tweaked to have a more señorita feel to it. this is the kind of song that i don’t know how to review, it’s not bad, but it’s not super good either. i like singing along to the “thunder, thunder, thunder” parts but… i guess that’s all?

4. Run [8/10]

i like this song it makes me happy like how 3.6.5 in XOXO does, it’ll make a good workout song and you’ll just feel like you’re running on a big green meadow surrounded by tribal houses cause there’s this pochahontas people chant in it :)

exo-M don’t sound too bad in this track, i like how they actually sounded a little breathless in the chorus, as if they were actually runnin while recording lol.

5. Love Love Love [5/10]

my least favourite song on the album, beak’s vocal do not appeal to me in this, especially in the bridge he used too much of his throat and it sounded a little noisy to me. D.O on the other hand sounded perfect (who is surprised right) in this (biased) and chanyeol’s rap (as usual) is super daebak (biased); however even my biases and “earth, air, water, fire” cannot save this song from scoring only a 5 out of 10.

final words:

pretty solid mini album i would still say, they cannot satisfy everyone’s taste anyway. i’m happy with this mini album and i’m looking forward for more!! lastly i’ll share pictures of members i mentioned, because i only remember their voices wtf. come on’ there are 12 of em and i am old.




















前方是什么我不知道,就只能这样傻傻的前进;努力的,尽力的做好必须做的一切---当然也不能忘了继续卖笑. WTF


withtintin’s guide to seoul part 1

currently playing: clumsy love – mashyta band

length of stay: 4.5 days and 4 nights

season: winter

main area visited: seoul, gang-beuk(江北)




the beds


the walkway

got a good deal from agoda and settled in hotel shin shin right beside nam dae min and myeong dong. costs us around 500,000 KRW for 4 nights (~ usd 250 per person for 4 nights) we were initially looking for a backpackers type of korean hostel but my travel mate is not too keen on floor sleeping so we’ve decided on a conventional hotel. pros of staying in a conventional hotel is that we’ve got excellent location and facilities:

1. easy access to attractions (airport coach right outside)

2. efficient housekeeping with amenities cleaned/ replaced everyday

3. private facilities: television, high tech toilet with warm seats and massaging facilities

4. guaranteed quiet environment

the only cons will be that you don’t get to experience traditional korean living.

as for traditional hostels, which my brother experienced when he went last summer with a group of 9, the pros is that it’s cheaper and offers something more exciting – traditional korean living and friendships with other backpakers; however here’s a few cons to take note of:

1. it’s only much cheaper if you travel as a big group and don’t mind sharing toilets, for my case the conventional hotel is only slightly more expensive when compared to rooms with private toilets.

2. public facilities: shared toilets, television in common areas, shared pantry, fridges etc

3. could get pretty noisy with common areas shared by other backpackers

4. location will not be as convenient as conventional hotels, which means theres lots of walking to do

5. fully self contained, no housekeeping, no toiletries provided

so well it really depends on what type of people you are, i personally do not mind either for the different experience!

(B)est friends to travel along


sam & i 

how can you stick to each other 24/7 and depend on each other 24/7 in a total foreign land if that is not someone comfortable?

(C)ash and credit card

the shopping is FANTASTIC, make sure you have lots of the above. you will also need an empty luggage, empty hand luggage (to collect duty free purchases in the airport) and ample luggage allowance.

myeongdong and lotte duty free


eujiro-il-ga, station to myeong dong shopping district – line(2) green


this is heaven

i personally recommend having a look at lotte duty free first before checking out the local stores in myeong dong, the duty free shop quotes in USD so ensure exchange rate is favorable! if you’re too lazy to do the math, just shop at duty free, most of the time it’s still cheaper after conversion! but bear in mind that it is war scene, so be prepared to start the WAR OF ROSES with other chinese, indonesian female tourists – by that, walk and decide quickly, do not bring a big pretty handbag, it will be squashed anyway! also, for all shops be it duty free or local, it’s a freebies fest *sweet mother jesus*, simply get a pack of mask on your first day and be fed with samples that could last you for the whole trip!!! don’t even need to buy toiletries! (: (: useful phrase: “kamsahamnida, sam-peul to juseyo~” (please give me more samples thank you!)



yi-dae, station to yi-dae shopping district – line(2) green

yi-dae’s a woman university, self explanatory why a shopping district is formed right outside the school. shopping here is pretty good too, the only place we bought clothings! while myeong dong is filled with cosmetics and street food, yi-dae has more up market cafes and boutiques. they sure know very well how to satisfy women’s vanity.


sam enjoying some street ddokboki

standard street food price:

ddokboki 3000KRW (~ usd 3)

sundae 4000KRW (~ usd 4)

kimbab 2500KRW – 4000KRW (~ usd 2.5 – usd 4)

fish skewers 700KRW each (~ usd 0.7)

usually a cup of hot soup is provided as service, it’s pretty fun to enjoy this in a cold winter day! be on the lookout that they put in sesame leaves in a lot of their food which i believe many will be like me and cannot stand the smell of it! the ddokboki alien sam is enjoying on the picture above has it; that explains why i’m not eating but snapping pictures ='(

signing off, part 2 soon!


wrapping up: reply 1994’s finale [updated]

currently playing: for a thousand days – lee seung hwan

and so, we’ve reached an end of this amazing journey, the endless shippers war, the endless guessing & gasping but most of all the endless warmth and love the show radiated. reply 1994 is not a show you should watch like other 16 episode korean miniseries, watch it like how i met your mother “my husband”, the story is not always progressing, it reverses, go forward, reverses again, teases, plays with your emotions and etc. like i said, we’ve got plenty of fillers but if you like the characters, it’ll be sufficient to keep you going.


sin cheon boarding house. i’ll be missing everyone! though i can’t deny that i’ll miss trash x najung the most :P

[update: now that i've watched it with subs, i would like to note down some of my favourite scenes from the finale:]

1. trash’s first “i love you” confession with lee swung hwan’s day of longing, days to be forgotten playing behind.

right when the lyrics sing “why am i not able to tell you i love you” the music stops and trash says his first “i love you” twice to najung. awwww, just awwwwwwwww.

2. the transition of chilbong’s awkward-ness.

well he is gentle, he is the nicest person on earth but he is only human. loved how the writers realistically gave the awkward atmosphere between trash and chilbong time to slowly dissolve, with chilbong finally calling trash “hyung” again on world cup day. we all know why, cause he met slipper girl on his way back from buying fried chicken wtf.

3. world cup.

even i feel hot blooded watching a match back in 2002 today, ’nuff said.

4. haitai’s move out day and sincheon boarding house’s last mega breakfast together.

this scene brought me to tears, kudos to the director and writers, very very nicely done.

5. flashback, wrap up and final narration from sam cheon po.

Samcheonpo @ Episode 21: “June 19 2002, Sincheon boarding house closed today. Like that, we’ve became the first and last boarders of Sincheon boarding house. My life at the age of 20, when there wasn’t anything special, i’ve came to the city of seoul and met a bunch of special people, like a miracle. In this place that made the youths of these country bumpkins, we were bustling and noisy but made it special in the end. We’ve spent very special times together; we cried, we laughed, we met, we separated and we had heartaches. Even though each of us had slight different memories, encounters and love, we were always together, like a miracle.”

Samcheonpo @ Episode 21: “70s music, 80s movies, i’m reflecting on myself who thought there were old fashioned and boring. That music and movies were not just music and movies, there were our youths and the good old days. I’ve only came to realise this now that i’m no longer young. December 28 2013, we are turning 40 in 4 days, to all of us who are turning 40, to all of us who have survived the tough 90s, i dedicate these words to you, do you remember that we’ve lived through such amazing days, with our bright youth that shined, and the passion in our loves. We’ve spent our bygone years so well and as we embark on another possibly difficult season of our lives, I’m proposing that we continue to live passionately. Those passionate and pure days, that i miss so much, can you hear me? if you hear me, answer me… my 90s.”

ok, im not turning 40 nor am i a generation X, (but it’s true that X sounds more badass than Y) but damn, this is seriously well done, the flashbacks, the music, the narration from samcheonpo, my tears just won’t stop rolling like a water tap.

of course, back to the romance and the husband guessing game that everyone’s so sick of, *****drums roll***** so our mysterious kim jae joon is non other than…. TRASH OPPA!!!!


this is the most natural couple i’ve seen on screen, and they will remain my favourite drama couple of all time! for being together for more than 2 decades, they’ve seen each other through their high and lows, they complete each other and they SO deserve to be together. it’s not about which guy is a better person, it’s really about who najung loved from the very beginning.

Na-jung @ Episode 2: “I have an oppa. And my oppa has a friend. The three of us were always together. But on one spring night, just like a lie, my beloved oppa left for far, far away. And after that day, oppa’s friend became my oppa……….. I have an oppa, and my childhood dream was to marry my oppa.”

Na-jung @ Episode 3: Youth must be clumsy and crude, and love must be innocent and old-fashioned. That’s the only requirement for my love at age twenty to be remembered as making my heart flutter and skip a beat. I am twenty, and starting a clumsy and old-fashioned love.


how amazing it is to make your first love the father of your 3 kids? i’m glad the writer went for the more logical ending, there might be some loose ends left untied, hoping that they’ll tie them up in the 2 episode special airing next week! ooh yeah it’s aint over till it’s over!

till then, i’ll be moving forward to…


you from another star! with my favourite actress jun ji hyeon!

reply 1994, with all your flaws, i hearby make you my favourite korean drama of all time. you will be an all time classic and you will always be the best.


rave: reply 1994

currently playing: happy me – lim kim (reply 1994 OST part5)

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW. it’s one of those rare shows that the more i watch, the more i love. however like every kdrama, the show is not without it’s flaws; it’s too long, and sometimes it’s filled with unimportant scenes and unnecessary conversations (i.e.: fillers), guess we just can’t put the pressure from commercial counterparts aside but TRUST ME the characters are worth your time.


our heroine – najung played by go-ara, an actress that i grew to like even though she used to be on my hate list haha /shy

we continue the “answer me” series format as the “husband guessing” games restarts. this time with even more tease,


who is kim jae jun? yes we know the name of the hubby but we don’t even know their real names! #PDTROLL

1. najung x trash (seuregi) oppa

i’m all in for this ship, i’m an absolute team trash! hints we’ve gotten so far: oppa’s middle and last names are “jae” and “kim” respectively, but… we don’t know his first name. PD strikes again. 

as for why do i love oppa so much…. i don’t know you have to watch the show for yourself! he’s dirty, lazy, ugly, careless and he smokes! but beneath that trash-like surface, he’s actually very matured & very understanding — basically just someone every girl would love to lean on and marry. /giggles he’s like a safety net and did i mention he is also a doctor?! /dies



2. najung x chilbongie

well we know his first name is “jun”! this guy is the epitome of one sided love, he is so patient, so persistent, so loving towards najung and i am actually worried about oppa’s status. he did not interfere with najung’s love towards oppa but seeing him watching with those sad puppy eyes kills me; i rather him being the aggressive competitor and put this psychological toll on my heart to an end. did i also mention that he is really handsome too? #onlyindramaland

Chilbongie: “It is said that in order to achieve success in one field, ten thousand hours are required. The ten-thousand-hour rule. For Mozart and the Beatles and Steve Jobs and Kim Yuna, it wasn’t an innate genius or good luck that created their success, but the effort and pain of more than ten thousand hours of work. It could be that work, relationships, and love are like that. In order to achieve that accomplishment, you can’t wait for an innate something to show up or a stroke of luck—you have to work hard and try and suffer till the very end. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”



3. najung x haitai

we don’t know his name at all! but we all know this is the least possible pairing. it’s so obvious that they’ll never be together but PD will always drop a little love here and there, with haitai confessing that he’ll fall for her if only they hadn’t become such good friends. if only…

Haitai: But of course there are many more one-sided loves in the world that never get confessed at all. The idiots who know how to get out of one but can’t do it. That’s why one-sided loves pain the heart.


Haitai: “If it were me, I’d have dated you. Long ago. If only you and I hadn’t become such good friends… I would have.”


it’s okay i totally love their interactions as friends!


last. for you.

The color of my heart is black
It was burnt to black, just like that
I break glass whenever I feel like
And I look at my bloody hands and think, why am I like this why

Your smile is shining gold
But the way you speak, feel so cold
As time goes by, you’re becoming more like me
Sometimes I feel like karma is running after me, you know

It has been a while since the time between you and I have stopped
Misunderstanding is always the cause of pain
Well I don’t even know myself
So my hope for you to know me is a misunderstanding itself

The color of my gloomy world is black
The beginning and end change, black and white
People are cunning, sometimes become delusional
Really why am I like this, why

Now I sing of breaking up, I tell you
This is my last confession

Someday when I’m left at the edge of the world alone
I might miss you yeah
Someday when I’m tamed to the edge of sadness
I might regret at the end

I’m going to go back to the way I came from, black
The summer when you and I were hot, it’s been too long….

Fade away fade away fade away fade away
Fade away fade away fade away fade away

copy-write infringement to gdragon’s black



dear all i’m back from new zealand!!! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful country, having stayed in banglasia for 2 years now, i almost forgot how it feels like to be in a civilized country already… 

this trip has been an eye opener, a re-start, a re-charge, a re-plan.

i wanna restart like quake city, albeit slow, but steady. fighting!